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Sunday, 9 March 2008

NXTlog Biped Building Challenge

These robots are made for walkin'
Alpha Rex can't be the only biped you'll ever make, so we're asking you to create the NXT two legged walker! Bipeds are said to be the most difficult robot to make, but we know NXTLOGgers are up for the challenge!
Biped Challenge
All entries to NXTLOG fall under the Terms of Service
Entries must be submitted from Saturday March 1, 2008 - Monday March 31, 2008
All entries must be tagged "NXT200803"
Only LEGO elements may be used.

And of course all the other NXTLOG Challenge rules apply.

Lots of us have made bipeds, adn now is our chance to show them who's best!

Read More about thihs building challenge HERE

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