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Friday, 28 December 2007

LEGO PF elements now avaliable at lego shop.com USA only though...

LEGO Shop-at-Home has updated their products recently. Perhaps most interesting there are some new PF elements among them, as well as the existing PF motors but you can now buy them on a "piece by piece" basis. It seems there is also a "hybrid" PF cable, that appear to function as both a PF extenssion cable as well as a cross-over cable to the older 9V system. The grand Technic Bulldozer may not be available... but at least now all the PF parts are (they've also been added to LEGO Digital Designer for that matter. It appears I need to browse S@H more often... and after I already put in my last order, too. Oh well, perhaps I need another order... For folks wanting new sensors, there's a lot of offerings at S@H as well: the standard four (US, light, sound, & touch), but also the Acceleration, IRSeeker, IRLink, Gyro, Color, & Compass sensor.
As posted by Brian Davis at http://thenxtstep.blogspot.com/

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Milton Keynes Lego Shop MINDSTORMS DISCOUNT!!

Today I went to Milton Keynes (England) to see if they had the crawler crane in stock(as legoshop.com had run out, and I think it has been discontinued), and to my suprise, they actually had a sale on, ON DECENT SETS! Not just their crappy stuff. Sadly there was no crawler crane, but they did have the TIE CRAWLER and BATMOBILE sets (both with LOTS of caterpillar tracks) for only £28! (normally £40) So I bought a Tie set, as well as a selection of technic beams and lift arms.

Then as i was leaving the shop, I noticed that ALL MINDSTORMS ACCESORIES WERE HALF PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sadly, I had just spent all the christmas money I had brought with me, so I didnt get any. Hopefully when I go a week next tuesday, they will still have the discount. If not, i think i may have to eat myself.

I got two more points on my loyalty card today though, so that was good.

And so, the moral of this story children, is, IF YOU LIVE NEAR MILTON KEYNES IN ENGLAND, GO BUY SOME LEGO!

Merry Christmas by the way! rendeer