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Friday, 21 December 2007

Theres Something...Christmassy about www.airkraft-nxt.webs.com

If you havent allready seen, why not visit my website. you may be in for a festive treat!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Brian Davis' LEGO DigiComp II

Ok. So strickly speaking, its not LEGO Mindstorms, but who cares. this thing is COOL!

MDP Brian Davis made his own LEGO version of a basic computer a few weeks ago and posted this video on youtube.

Brian set out to rebuild an old "marble logic" computer from LEGO, using various tidbits and plans from the internet, and so, DigiComp II was born.
The finished model weighs about 10 pounds, & uses 14 simple switches, 21 flip-flops, 8 half flip-flops, and a ball release mechanism.

As Brian said,

"There is no electronics involved at all here - only mechanical gates moved by falling balls. The only 'programming' that takes place is setting a few (mechanical!) switches before dropping the first ball. No IC, no batteries - pure mechanism."

More pictures of the components can be found in his Brickshelf gallery here.