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Friday, 7 December 2007

NEW Page on www.airkraft-nxt.webs.com/airkraft-nxt

I have added a forum to my website for any questions or comments.
Any ideas for categories?
you can see the forum at: http://www.airkraft-nxt.webs.com/forum.htm

P.s. I thought I'd use a different font today!

Steve Hassenplug- On Youtube!

A video appeared on youtube today, that shows Lego Mindstorms NXT MDP Steve Hassenplug talking about hisholonomic drive robot called Omni. Take a look:

WE finally see what he looks and sounds like!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Next Lego Mindstorms NXTLog Building Challenge

What will it be!

we've had a summer one, a back to school one, a Halloween one, and a sumo one.
What now?
Maybe a Christmas one?
or a new years reserlution one?
or maybe even a calander one.

do YOU have any ideas?
Send me a comment with your ideas.

New Contributer!

Hello Everyone!
Airkraft nxt has invited me to join this blog, so here I am! My name is NXTMonger, and you can contact me at my other blog, NXTMonger's World, or by e-mail at nxtmonger@gmail.com.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I have changed my site to:
now all I need to do is change all the links on all my other sites!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

NEW Sensors Added To Lego Shop.co.uk

In the last few days lego have added two new Hi-Techninc Sensors to the UK version of Lego Shop.com
These sensors include:

  • Infrared Seeker- at £30.99
  • Gyroscopic Sensor- at £39.99
  • The Infrared Seeker can be used with the Lego P F sets along with the old Mindstorms RIS expand your robots capabilities. With it your robots will be able to detect infrared light sources and determine their direction and relative strength thanks to 5 infrared detectors arrayed at 60ยบ intervals.

    The Gyroscopic Sensor will let you build MINDSTORMS NXT robots that can detect rotation using a single axis gyro based on a quartz resonator. Accurate readings require the gyro sensor NXT-G block or use of another programming environment to read the raw value from the sensor.

    Lego now sell 5 Hi-Technic sensors, each around £35. you can view them all HERE

    New Version of LEGO Digital Designer Version 2.3 NOW WITH PF ELEMENTS

    A new version of LEGO Digital Designer (Version 2.3) just been released. I am currently downloading it now. I am glad that the Power Function Elements have been added. Many-a-Mindstormer have been awaiting this.

    As well as the P F elements, the new version also contains a few new box sets including the LEGO Creator 4957 Ferris Wheel and the 4958 Monster Dino.

    As BluetoothKiwi Said,

    "Thanks LEGO for listening. Now we can include PF motors in our NXT robotic models. It is a shame they still dont have the IR-Lnk though - you have to use a light sensor as a place holder until the IR-Link makes it to the pallette!"
    You can download the latest version of Lego Digital Designer (Version 2.3) at www.ldd.lego.com