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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Farewell Crawler Crane!

The Crawler Crane Set 8288 has finaly been phased out of production here in the uk.
This is a sad day for me! I realy wanted this set, but it seams i shall have to buy it from somewhere else if i can find it.

If you know of anywhere that has any in stock, preferably in the UK, please get in contact.



222doc said...

bricklink has a few. they are the best price in the usa. 49$ i would ask each store about shipping first. make sure they dont gouge you. not sure about import taxes in the uk. i dont see any in the eu at a good price 1 in poland is 100$! i dont think it will cost that much to ship it.

Airkraft-NXT said...

thanks Doc

do you know how i can find the shipping for an item on bricklink?

222doc said...

find a store that has it and send them a message. ask how much is shipping and handling to where you are. try a few places to get a competitive price for this shipping. see if its less to by in the usa compared to say poland? that kit was poplular it has many beams by 15 and the old tracks, a large turntable, even the kir is good too if you were to build it. many just used it for parts,

Rafal said...