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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Brand New RFID sensor (codatex)

Lots of people have made RFID sensors for the NXT, but at last, there’s an “official” third party product. LEGO has announced yesterday an official partnership with Codatex producing the NXT RFID Sensor seen below. The package contains a sensor and two tags, with holes matching Technic pegs.


  • Reads 125 kHZ transponders of type EM4102
  • 5 bytes number, i.e. 240 combinations (i.e. 1.099.511.627.775 numbers)
  • The reader has three modes of reading:
    • Single read
    • Continuous read
    • Stop
  • Reading distance up to 3 cm depending on transponder size and orientation
  • Transparent front cap with LED signal at detection of a transponder
  • Auto power off for saving battery power
  • Firmware upgrade feature for future enhancements (saving hardware cost)
The press release can be found HERE

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