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Saturday, 1 December 2007

First of many posts!

OK This is it! My first of many blogs.
A few quick announcements to make:

  • I NEED HELP! if anyone would like to be contributor to my blog, SAY SO!!!
  • Any ideas of what to post blogs about eg videos, new robots ect TELL ME!
  • i am hoping to add a new blog at least every week, as well as some that the nxtstep.blogspot have posted

  • I will Leave you with a video of my NXT Rover


    NXTMonger said...

    If you want I will join your blog. I already have a blog,
    but I wouldn't mind posting here once in a while. BTW I found this blog by your comment on TooMuchCaffeine's blog.


    NXTMonger said...

    I think you add contributers by going to the settings tab, and then the permissions sub-tab. Hope that helps,
    Oh yeah, and I got your comment on my blog

    BlueToothKiwi said...

    Wishing you all the luck for your new Blog site and the new site on @ Airkraft-nxt.webs.com ...

    I am sorry I cant help with the blogging - but feel free to use feeds from my blogs.

    Tim [aka BluetoothKiwi)